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Английский язык. Passive Voice. Тест для самопроверки

Сдача тестов дистанционно

It seems to me that music (to hear) from the next room

  • is being heard
  • is heard
  • was heard

The article (to publish) last week, if I am not mistake

  • was published

We (to show) the historical monuments of the capital to the delegatio

  • show
  • are shown
  • is shown
  • shows

The poem was so beautiful that it (to learn) by everybody

  • was learnt
  • learnt
  • will be learnt

He (to give) me this book next week

  • will give
  • gives
  • will be given

Moscow University (to found) by Lomonoso

  • was founded

The rule explained by the teacher at the last lesson (to undertand) by all of us

  • was understood
  • is understood
  • had been understood

Yesterday he (to tell) to prepare a speech

  • was told

9. Nobody (to see) him yesterday

  • saw
  • was seen
  • were seen
  • sees

I hope the invitation (to accept) by everybody

  • will be accepted
  • was accepted
  • is accepted

Budapest (to divide) by the Danube into two parts: Buda and Pes

  • is divided
  • was divided
  • divides
  • is being divided

The telegram (to receive) tomorrow

  • will be received
  • was received
  • receives

A taxi (to call) fifteen minutes ago, so we are expecting it any mome

  • was called
  • called
  • is called
  • is being called

The book (to discuss) at the next conference

  • will be discussed
  • was discussed
  • discussed
  • will discuss

Soon he (to send) to a sanatorium

  • will be sent
  • will sent
  • sends
  • sent

At the last competition the first prize (to win) by our team

  • was won
  • won
  • wins

The letter (to post) in half an hou

  • will be posted
  • was posted
  • is posted
  • will post

Yuri Dolgoruki (to found) Moscow in 1147

  • founded

The question (to settle) as soon as they arrived

  • was settled
  • will be settled
  • settled

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Сдача тестов дистанционно
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