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Listen! Somebody (sing) a lovely song

  • are singing
  • is singing
  • sings

He (think) he is righ

  • think
  • thinks
  • thought

What (be) your parents address?

  • am
  • are
  • is

I (die) to see him

  • die
  • am dying
  • are dying

How old (be) your brother?

  • am
  • is
  • are

The Hays (seem) to be a really happy family

  • seem
  • seems
  • seemed

He usually use a dictionary at an English lesso

  • uses
  • use
  • is using

It (sound) interestng!

  • sound
  • sounds
  • sounded

What you (do) now?

  • are… doing
  • is… doing
  • am… doing

(Be) you hungry?

  • am
  • is
  • are

I (see) a pretty little girl in the yard

  • see
  • sees
  • saw

At the moment we (fly) over dese

  • fly
  • is flying
  • are flying

I (take) dancing lessons this winte

  • take
  • am taking
  • are taking

What (be) your aunt’s name?

  • is
  • are
  • am

Have some hot tea. It (get) chilly

  • is getting
  • gets
  • get

Mr. Smith usually (walk) his dog in the morning

  • walk
  • walks
  • is walking

How old (be) you?

  • is
  • am
  • are

Mary (teach) mathematics at school

  • teach
  • teaches
  • is teaching

Where (be) you from?

  • is
  • are
  • am

My best friend (live) in Minin Stree

  • live
  • lives
  • is living

… the shops open at 8 o’clock?

  • does
  • is
  • do

They (live) in a rented house these days

  • live
  • are living
  • is living

I (be) hot. Open the window, please

  • is
  • am
  • are

Moscow (be) the capital of Russia

  • is
  • am
  • are

I don’t speak any foreigen languages, but I (learn) English now

  • learn
  • am learning
  • is learning

The book (not/be) very interesting. Take this one

  • are not
  • is not
  • am not

Bad news (travel) fas

  • travel
  • travels
  • traveling

Why you (cry)? Is something wrong?

  • are… crying
  • is… crying
  • cries

Let’s go for a walk. It (not/rain) now

  • is not raining
  • are not raining
  • doesn’t rain

(Be) Tom and Bob good football players?

  • are
  • is
  • am

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Сдача тестов дистанционно
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